We've faced many challenges to our existence since 2600 began publishing back in 1984. None has proven to be as ominous and threatening as recent events involving the Secret Service.

We've been following this agency for years, ever since they first took an interest in the activities of computer hackers. We've seen carelessness,
violations of rights, and overall ignorance on their part. In other words, nothing we wouldn't expect at some point from any law enforcement agency. Now, we see something which poses a real and immediate danger to us all.

The Secret Service has made it quite clear with the recent prosecution of the Bernie S. case that they intend to use whatever means necessary to put hackers behind bars. In the Bernie S. example, they successfully managed to lock him up with violent criminals for nearly a year, solely because of his possession of written material, software, and bits of hardware. In other words, not much at all. With such vague requirements, the prospect of selective prosecution seems a certainty for many more of us. What the Secret Service has done transcends the mere interests of computer hackers. Their behavior, vindictiveness, and lack of concern for upholding the values of a free society are of concern to Americans of all varieties.

We want to make it abundantly clear that we are prepared to challenge such abuses by whatever means necessary. We object strongly to a person being imprisoned based on the books he/she reads or the information they happen to be interested in collecting. The Secret Service has abused their power in this way and we are here to see that it does not continue.

In this section, you will find a great deal of information about the Secret Service. We're doing this because people have every right to have access to this information, despite the fact that it was this very same information that helped convince a judge that its possessor was a major threat to society. You may be thought of in the same way once you access this section. And we can only imagine how *we* will be defined.

The existence of this information here is rather ironic. The Secret Service reacted strongly to someone's possession of this knowledge and defined them as a major threat to society because of it. As a direct result, millions of people all over the world now have *instant* access to that very same information. We want the Secret Service to know that they inspired us to give this data out. This page would not exist had it not been for their gross abuse of an individual.

We encourage people to not only read these pages but to copy them and disseminate them widely. While there is nothing illegal about having this data available, we want to make sure that others continue even if we're somehow struck down.

We also want to know of any other abuses of power or "Secret Service stories" that are floating around. You can mail us at secrets@2600.com or send snail mail to 2600, PO Box 99, Middle Island, NY 11953. Naturally, any corrections or additions to the data we have provided will also be welcomed.

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